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Scott's Ten Favorite Films of 2015

Alright, it’s now February 10th, the perfect time to write about my favorite films of 2015. Not going to lie, I’m a little upset with myself that so many of these movies were huge, studio money-makers. I didn’t see many documentaries. I didn’t see a lot of the smaller movies I really wanted to. I don’t think I saw that many foreign films. But these were my favorites. Not the best, just my favorites. I liked them. If you didn’t, cool. If you didn’t see them, see them. You might like them. If this list makes you mad, make your own damn list. So let’s go! Here’s 10 of my favorite movies of last year and 3 honorable mentions, you know, just to mention them.


Like I said above, I didn’t see a lot of documentaries this year, and I’m biased because my friend Michael Barnett directed it, but this film is fantastic. It’s a heart warming, funny and important look at society’s perceptions of people with disabilities. Sometimes I cry during movies. I cried during this movie. Everyone should see it, it may change some of your opinions. FINDERS KEEPERS was good too.


Hey, I know that street. I know that place. That place has good tacos. That’s my neighborhood. That guy was on The Wire. Am I in the background? Did I see them filming this? I’m pretty sure I did. That’s cool.


I liked when Ice Cube laughed at a joke he had just written for the Friday screenplay. I also like that in an interview they claim they didn’t mean to put in the “Bye, Felicia” line, it just happened. Also it was a good movie and no one played Eminem.

10) DOPE

This movie got pretty goofy at times but I really enjoyed it. A fun little adventure of three high school geeks that were without a doubt way cooler than I was in high school. The main actor (Shameik Moore) was fantastic and I got to see my friend Jean Elie punch a bouncer. Yes, that was my second name drop for those counting.


I would have wanted to be in this play when I was in high school. If this were a play when I was in high school. And I would have wanted a cool personal computer. But I’m old. We had a word processor. And if my high school would have done this play I probably would have been cast as Hertzfeld 😒 It’s probably better as a movie in 2015.


As you may know I’m a big fan of Marvel and it shocks me that they can make a really entertaining film out of such a mediocre character. Good work, Marvel! Also, Michael Pena’s character is probably my favorite film character of 2015.


This kid was so freakin good. High school Scott couldn’t have acted that part, let alone a 6 year old me. (I would have been a killer Hertzfeld though). Sometimes I cry during movies. I cried during this movie.


Quentin makes a movie, it’s going to be in my top ten. Unless it’s not good. Or I didn’t like it. Or, like, there were 10 other movies I liked more. Hateful Eight was my number 6. That’s pretty good. Ah crap, it should have been number 8. Fuck.


This movie was a hit! Michael B. Jordan is a powerhouse. Sylvester Stallone is a heavyweight. I thought it started out a little rocky but really punched it up in the second act. The story really hit me in the gut and had a knock out end. Great film. (Did you see my wordplay???)


Did I mention I sometimes cry during movies?


Robots are going to kill us all and then fly around in helicopters. It’s probably already happened and we’re now just all memories of the good times before robot domination. At least we get to remember this movie. And the first two seasons of LOST.


Okay, to be completely honest this should probably be my number 1. I’ll probably watch it a bunch of times in the future and it just made me so happy. I don’t care that it took elements from A New Hope. I like that about it. Maybe if Phantom Menace did as well it would have been a better movie. It really lived up to my expectations. But how would my street cred look if this was my number one? How would my fans feel? Do I have street cred? Do I have fans?


I loved this movie. I mean, obviously, right? I put it as my number one. It’s the funniest movie of the year and after Michael Pena in Ant-Man and that little kid from Room, these vampires are my favorite characters in a movie last year. Could you imagine how high school Scott would have reacted to this movie? Oh man! He would have dressed like a vampire every day. That kid was a geek!

And there you go. My favorite films of the year. Please argue with me. Thank you.

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